1. Wonderland

From the recording "Journey Awaits" in 432hz


The god under your skin prayed for the sun
Come up and make excuses why leaving was
Your first ambition
Relieved, I left
Purple flower says I’m running low
Greenish reddish mushroom calls her bluff
You’re overthinking the situation

When you’re just a boy with the dream to
Sing your heart out, sing your heart out

Nothing to do on a sunny day
Rainy days are fun when you’re awake
To watch me grow old
I wish I could stay here
Lay down on my lips shut every door
Let the music flow through our stolen bodies
Like it’s been forever, like the situation

When you’re just a girl with the dream to
Love your heart out

Overwhelmed and unstable
Wonderland flows
Underdressed for the occasion
Wonderland flows
Careless windows won’t open
Wonderland flows
Find the x in my stitches
Cause wonderland is real

Wonderland is real
Just love your heart out