More Coming Soon

Currently working on re-releasing the "Journey Awaits" album (2022). There were a few changes I had to make that I felt were necessary:

1. The new version of the album is now in 432hz instead of 440hz. I personally hear a big difference, everything sounds "round" rather than "edgy/sharp" and it all seems to fit/meld together much better.

2. "Dream", the 4th song, has a more immediate start now.

3. Changed the name of the 5th song from "Judgment" to "Judgmental" because I felt it fits much better with what I feel the song intends (concerning the story I'm working on). The songs I'm making are more like a soundtrack for a larger project. They are about evolving characters with flaws and virtues that constantly change. That song is about the Prince growing up and complaining about others/Journey being judgmental while not realizing that he himself is being judgmental by not simply accepting everything as it is and everyone as they are, as well as himself. The last lyric is about The Prince hoping that something will simply happen some day and change everything to make it all fit his own point of view and judgments of others/Journey/himself but that'll never happen, that's not how it works, he learns this later on. He does learn to finally accept the now though and chooses to conciously breathe through it. "Butter flies", the eight song is when The Prince, after reflecting on his past and present, learns to accept and love himself just as he is as well as learning to accept and love Journey, his guardian angel/mind, just as she is. "Five Years", the 9th and final song of the album, is about The Prince and Journey facing their future: their anxieties, worries, fears and flaws as well as accepting the now as it is and the future as it may be.

4. The album has been mastered differently for the reason that at the moment I can only afford this kind of mastering (sounds slightly quieter) but I hope to be able to release a much better mastered version in the future.

Because of all of these changes + the need to also correctly trim the endings, etc. I am still in the process of working with TuneCore to release this new version of the "Journey Awaits" album. I'm not sure when it'll be up exactly but I hope this YouTube video can be a good substitute for now. Wishing you all peace, love and happiness 💗